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Born For This

Just my thoughts on me, my life, and the world around me.
Sep 21 '14

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Sep 20 '14

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Sep 16 '14

Zombieland (USA, 2009)

Sep 15 '14

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Sep 15 '14


the most unrealistic thing about high school musical is that they let ryan wear hats in class

Sep 14 '14
Sep 14 '14

The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fear cuts deeper than swords.

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Sep 12 '14
Look into my eyes so you know what it’s like to live a life not knowing what a normal life’s like.
Sep 12 '14


King Lear (State Theatre of South Australia)

Design by Victoria Lamb 

Ps. The Wall Explodes during the Storm:  Watch Here

Sep 12 '14



the gaming industry annoys me a lot because it has the potential to be the most creative and diverse outlet we have but like. nah. we got cod. and fifa. 0 female leading characters. the exact same slightly rough looking, dark haired, middle aged white dude.. 3/10

But at least you can image